RPCC - Pipe &
Coupling Corporation

Industrial and Municipal Pipe, Fittings, Couplings and Concrete Liners

The Project

RPCC was the most challenging, worrying, frightening and rewarding venture I have ever undertaken.

When I moved to Canada with my parents at the age of 22 I had some money saved from an early, small business success in Austria I had created while getting my business degree. Working with my parents on the “cattle farm” they had bought as a retirement project, fixing fence posts and cultivating fields during the day, I started my venture in the evenings late into the nights. The venture was based on a revolutionary Poly-Propylene Random Copolymer Piping Systems. Without any business experience in North America, I attacked the US and Canadian markets with youthful energy and ignorance.

I was not supposed to succeed, but somehow, I managed.


Fighting my way through creating a necessary CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard and approval on one front and struggling with various US regulations and certifications on another, delayed and threatened survival.

It was not until I was able to add additional products, such as cast iron pipe jointing systems, other thermoplastic and Fluoropolymer (PP, PPR, HDPE, PVDF, PTFE, ECTFE) products in form of sheets, pipes, tank liners, and coating systems for the chemical and semi-conductor industry that the first, and initially limited, success and much needed revenue came.

The most challenging time however was when I was approached and convinced by a group of “New York Financiers” to take the company public. What I learned in the pursuing two years has solidly shaped my future. I compare it as having survived multiple, continuous “shark” attacks and threats and lived to tell the story: ultimately a success story in both survival (mental and physically) and finance. I look back at my “boot camp” days of business education in which I voluntarily jumped into unknown, dark waters, not knowing if I could swim. I did not realize I was not supposed to succeed, but somehow, I managed. Fear is nothing to be afraid of but fear itself. Conquer, get past it and succeed!