A strategic serial entrepreneur with a unique, clever and disruptive approach to business.

Decades of hands on building and running diverse corporations have shaped the way I look at opportunities, products, ideas and inventions.

Direct, open communication with a “no nonsense approach” and “getting to NO fast” allows us to be laser focused, building success and profitability while enlisting the willing cooperation and eager want of those we work with.

Allow me to share my story
for full transparency.


Growing up in Austria, near Mozart’s City of Salzburg, I was blessed to receive my business degree specializing in the Hotel industry and hotel business management. After moving to Canada, I used my small savings to start an import/export business that successfully exported Canadian made hot tubs and mountain bikes to Europe. The import initially consisted of pipe and pipeline related products.

After a re-organization and profit evaluation, I focused on the US, Canadian and central American municipal and industrial supply of thermoplastic (HDPE, PP and PP-R) pipes, fittings, sheets for fabrication and concrete protective liners.

Within a few years the business grew to incorporate more complicated fluoropolymers (PVDF, ECTFE, PTFE and TFE) mainly used in heavy chemical, pulp and paper, and the semi-conductor industry. The addition of steel and cast-iron pipe jointing systems such as flange adapters, couplings, and restraints was a natural progression. The exclusivity and product mix brought the keen attention of two multinational corporations and an offer to sell, which I could not pass up.

After a re-organization and profit evaluation, I focused on the US, Canadian and Central American municipal and industrial supply of thermoplastic (HDPE, PP and PP-R) pipes, fittings, sheets for fabrication and concrete protective liners (RPCC).


This, at age 26 brought my first, sizable success after spending a good part of my 20’s with 12-hours/day, 6 days a week with constant financial pressures and worries, providing a solid foundation for things to come.

I continued to build the market for RACI pipeline and casing spacers under Raci Spacers North America Inc. which continues to be a profitable JR Group company.

Because of my experiences, I was asked to sit on a number of boards of companies in need of advice and funding; an activity that developed into the creation of our consulting division; JR Group Consulting Inc.

Since the inception of JR Group Consulting Inc., now Decades of experience later in various fields and our unique ability to take ideas, technologies, concepts, products and inventions and making them commercially viable create the missing link to profitability and sustainable growth in both up-start and established ventures.

My constant need to be able to see the big picture certainly plays a role in my fascination for flying, especially helicopters.


After flying my own plane to business meetings with a fresh commercial pilot’s license, I had to try flying a helicopter and was hooked in the first moments. Armed with a new commercial helicopter license, I bought my first helicopter in 1993. Mingling in the helicopter industry, I was introduced to a small company that had started the development of an aerial survey system. When they ran into trouble, I was asked by the founders to step in and help revive the company and continue its developments.

The system was successfully advanced into a complex and powerful three-dimensional survey, mapping and infrared imaging tool. The company grew to a sizable, public company and subsequently changed its focus, at which time I took my financially rewarding exit.

Today, we are still actively involved in the helicopter community working with brilliant minds and operators to further their businesses and unique offerings. Thousands of piloting hours and experience allows me to deeply understand the unique challenges of this industry.

With some free time on my hands, I focused my imagination on potential new projects. One was a European style wellness and alternative treatment hotel resort project. After laying all the ground work, creating the business plan and locating a suitable site, this $130 Million project was successfully built and has since become the pride of the Okanagan.

Starting in 2003/4 I focused my attention to wind energy, as I am a firm believer that we all have to do our part in helping the planet and its inhabitants.


With this focus, I immersed myself into the wind energy market identifying suitable wind farm sites when, after extensive research, I came to the understanding that wind turbine technology (per mid 2000’s) needed more development time to become feasible.

At that point, I concentrated my alternative energy interests and investments towards wind turbine technology where the development of utility size, vertical turbine development and testing is still ongoing, as part of our long-term strategy (R360 Wind) taking us well into the early 2020’s.

Refocusing and re-inventing ourselves (2010): By realizing the need for a safe alternative to potentially catastrophic pipeline failures under rivers, marshes and sensitive ecological areas has become even more apparent in the past few years. With our already proven and successfully distributed Raci pipeline safety products for pipelines cased crossings we expanded our focus and became an educator and proponent for the inclusion of safe crossing in sensitive areas such as streams, rivers, marshes and lakes by inserting the carrier pipe (oil, gas, sewer or water) into a protective steel casing that shields the carrier pipe from damage and environmental influences that cause most of the known pipeline failures.

This allows us to re-invent ourselves with a proven product applied with a unique and environmentally beneficial new approach.

In the event of a pipe break, the casing contains the potentially harmful fluid, allowing time to respond and repair. Many casings are monitored for pipe leaks with an early sat link warning system installed. By utilizing Raci Casing Spacers, the carrier pipe can be easily removed for servicing without disturbing the sensitive area. This allows us to re-invent ourselves with a proven product applied with a unique and environmentally beneficial new approach.

In 2006 I came across a unique and revolutionary frequency technology. A technology so unique, brilliant and capable it requires a second look and open-minded scrutiny before one can grasp its seemingly unlimited potentials.


A technology that is based on utilizing the Earth’s own energy, eliminating the need for power or batteries to drive its functionality. This unique and proprietary technology harnesses and channels specific combinations of electromagnetic oscillations, just like an antenna that only receives defined energies.

A major turning point came in late 2015 with a major investment, when we added new technology components, creating supreme stability in results and functionality.

Extensive research by scientists, independent laboratories and universities has revealed the beneficial and essential effects of this natural energy on everything from liquids to living organisms (read more on Below 33 page). <33™ Technology has been developed and refined over three decades with the use high precision instrumentation to capture and channel specific naturally occurring energies by using small, portable antennae devices. iC-iT Sciences Inc. has the know-how and processes to tune its devices to a number of different combinations of energies below 33Hz, each delivering the desired results depending on the application.

In 2016 and 2017 we started to commission additional FDA and Health Canada approved clinical trials for wound healing, sleep, stress, pain and human hydration with remarkable results.


Our production facilities and labs in Europe and Canada, run by an incredible and diverse team, are supplying a growing number of valued OEM’s globally.

Keeping keen and continued attention on our JR GROUP Corporate Mentorship program which is tasked to share experience, knowledge, focus and global connections to create sustainable growth, longevity, strategic planning and implementation with the ultimate goal of above average profitability and financial stability. We achieve this via Partnerships, Corporate Mentorship and Investment in up and coming technologies (technology incubator), processes and inventions. The aim is to create commercial viability, focus on getting to market, creating growth and above average profitability.

JR Group continues to grow its global reach and unique diversification. In the spirit of advancement, innovative research, learning and bettering ourselves we always seek and welcome new ideas, input, feedback and constructive criticism. We are far from perfect, yet we continue to work towards excellence.

Believe in yourself and believe in what you do.


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