Vision | Partnership | Integrity ®

JR Group own ventures are proofing grounds for innovative ways to getting products, technologies and services to market.

Our mission is to involve ourselves in business opportunities that have four distinct qualities

Clever / Unique
Above average
Beneficial to
the planet

Our principles

  • Striving to treat others the same as we expect to be treated.
  • Committed to honesty.
  • Granting the benefit of doubt.
  • Kindness and kind acts shall not be mistaken for stupidity.
  • Disturbances have priority.
  • The right decision is more important than being right.
  • Before forwarding information, verbal or written, we shall ask:
    Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? – Socrates
  • Respecting, with the highest regard, all living things and nature.
  • Acting in the interest “For the Highest Good” (F.T.H.G)

JR Group is actively pursuing business with two main focus areas:


Ongoing JR Group owned and funded venues in Infrastructure, Technology, Biomedical and Nanotech.


Partnerships, Corporate Mentorship and Investment in up and coming technologies (technology incubator), processes and inventions.

Raci Spacers
North America Inc.

Casing Spacer Technology Leaders providing the strongest and safest spacer solution.

Raci has been the global leader in casing spacer technology since 1952. Our uniquely designed, engineered and patented spacers are widely respected and our dependability has made us the number one choice of specifiers and installers worldwide.


iC-iT Sciences Inc.
<33™ Technology

<33™ Technology is a scientifically & clinically proven platform technology. <33 devices are embedded with specific frequency patterns for each indented and unique application.

<33 has multiple fields of application allowing us to supply various partners for their products and offerings. This enables our partners to go unchallenged to the market with a clear and distinct unique selling point (USP) delivering a real and positive benefit with each product or service.


JR Group Corporate

Sharing decades of experience, knowledge, focus and global connections to create sustainable growth, longevity, strategic planning and hands on implementation.

Making ideas, products, concepts, inventions and processes commercially viable with the ultimate goal of above average profitability and financial stability.



It is imperative that we advance current technologies to be more efficient and robust for them to deliver reliable and low-cost electricity.

The production of electricity will almost double over the next 2 decades, but the reign of oil is ending – it will be replaced by electricity delivered from renewable sources.


Past Ventures

Global Systems

Three dimensional airborne surveys and infrared technology.

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Pipe & Coupling

Industrial and municipal pipe, fittings, couplings and concrete liners.

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