Our strength is making ideas, concepts inventions and processes commercially viable.


The Project

We are utilizing our own JR Group ventures as proofing grounds for innovative ways to getting products, technologies and services to market. This includes the divergence from main stream “old school” marketing and advertising by utilizing the most brilliant advertising and marketing minds in combination with social media, direct marketing and online sales.

We identify and merge
four main components

Finalization of

processes, ideas, sourcing of components and production

Business & financial planning

corporate set up, day to day operations and financing

Key marketing & strategies

advertising, social media and direct marketing strategies

Global reach

merging in house online sales with the top online retailers

Areas of Speciality

  • Technology Incubator; assisting in the finalization of technologies
  • Business and financial planning
  • Marketing strategies and implementation
  • Aviation Consulting (Helicopter, fixed wing aircraft and private business jet acquisition)
  • Social Media and Online Marketing Strategies
  • Getting to market
  • Navigating from in-house to top global online retailers
  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • Management consulting

Our biggest contributions are most often based on our “no nonsense approach” and “getting to NO fast” approach.